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Although very well equipped it’s mostly saddening that the entire stack of paper is one class and all the others have similar stacks. 

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Helmets Sergey
Nasi Goring! Soooo delicious!
So much to do. So little time. So tired
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The Male Experience

I really hate hearing about guys who work out.

The whole competition-based cockshow that occurs is ridiculous.

Oh you go to the gym, “go hard,” and are buff as a byproduct? Congradulations. Literally anyone can go to the damn gym, work out and get muscles. It is simple human anatomy. The sheer fact that somehow an entire culture has developed from this is just stupid.

I have no issue whatsoever with the aspect of working out to be healthy. That makes sense. But it’s the ego that these people (usually men) develop from this. They are in perpetual competition with each other and it becomes nothing more than one dude trying to upstage another dude while simultaneously stroking each others egos.

I just don’t get why being muscular somehow makes it ok for you to be a general asshole (by asshole I refer to the usual degrees of racism, sexism, homophobia and egotism present in these people). But of course this all loops into the way men are brought up in our culture, the societal pressures put on them to fit a certain role and the medias portrayal of what the ‘ideal, attractive and strong’ male specimen should be and look like. With that in mind it is really unlikely that any of these “bros” will ever deflate their egos for a long enough length of time to actually look at what they are doing to themselves, each other and their gender.

So congratulations. You look like He-man without using steroids. Now what? When you are driving with your speakers cranked, on your way to a ‘sick party’ with your gym buddies, in your lifted truck with the balls attachment on the back, sitting next to your equally shallow girlfriend, you hiding your phone because you’re texting another girl who compliments you on how buff you are, while she hides hers because shes texting another guy who is more buff than you, I sincerely hope you get a few seconds of clarity outside of all your usual shit and truly realize that you’re, in all likelihood, never going to make any significant advancement in progressing the human race as a whole.


A guy hoping for the creation of a third gender

Cuttin time
All of my jeans are too big now. Of course the one pair that moderately fits had some sweet custom stitching I did myself years ago. Unfortunatly I didn’t notice till I was on the bus.
Camelback-Check, Tea-Check, MagicBag-Check. Time to write university applications

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